Conference location in Vorden near Zutphen


  't Biesterveld

A low budget group accomodation. There are beds for about a total of 55 people in simple rooms with 3 bunkbeds in a room ( 6 people per room) and a sleeping loft, or dormitory with 12 single beds.


Important You need a fitted sheet, sleeping bag or duvet and a pillowcase to bring along!

Address 't Biesterveld: Almenseweg 37, 7251 HN Vorden.  Contact: Inez de Rozario Tel: 0575-553285

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We are at " 't Biesterveld during the whole conference" 

Friday the 18th of May the conference starts at 't Biesterveld.

15.00 h. - 17.00 h. Welcome 

17.00 h. - 18.30 h. Dinner at 't Biesterveld.

19.00 h. - 22.00 h.  Introduction and first evening session at 't Biesterveld.

All participants that choose the all inclusive arrangement stay at 't Biesterveld. where they sleep and have breakfast until Sundayday afternoon, the 4th of June.

Other Lodging options:

 For those that like more privacy and comfort we recommend one of th the other lodging options, like Bed & Breakfast addresses, friends where you can stay or one of the private addresses we can arrange, or the hotel. We do not organize this for you, but we give you some links and since you take care of your own bed & breakfast your conference fee is reduced.

 Bed & Breakfast addresses in and around Zutphen on the internet:

B&B aan de Berkel 

B&B aan de Grote Gracht

B&B Zutphen

B&B Zutphen 2

B&B Zutphen 3


Hampshire Hotel . See also in Dutch: Hampshire Hotel . Window opens with pricing during conference


In Vorden, near 't Biesterveld there are two other hotels:


Friends , family , your own place:

Of course it is possible that you have friends or family living near by where you choose to stay the night and have breakfast. We also have some friends with private addresses for special situations where one or a limited amount of people can stay the night. These friends receive a compensation for your stay. This is only to be used for situations where the other options are not possible.

General remarks: 

Travelling between Zutphen and Vorden

If you don't have a car with you, you can travel between the two locations by train or travel with those who do have a car at their disposal.

 There is a train connection between Zutphen en Vorden every half an hour  during the day and every hour in the evening. The latest

nighttrain from Zutphen to Vorden leaves at 23.06 h. and arrives at 23.15 h. in Vorden. From there it is only a one km. walk to 't Biesterveld. 


Raphael Academy for spiritual development and the healing arts

The ARK Foundation


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